Tissue is a pressed Italian porcelain body tile with six surface designs combined together with both matte and gloss finishes. The Blanc and Noir colors also use neutral and dark color body porcelain to create further color and tonality characteristics for added sophistication. *The Noir color incorporates a metallic finish, approximately 1 in every 5 pieces, to further enhance its overall appearance. The 3″ X 11″ stretch hexagon format , sometimes called a “picket”, lends a true artistic dimension to this series, and allows this unique overall look to work throughout various design themes. Tissue is also suitable in pool applications, with exception to the Noir color, because of the added Metallic element that cannot be used in a pool. All colors can be used in and around showers, tubs, and water features that are free of chemicals. Tissue is primarily a wall tile, but can be used on floors in areas similar to master bathrooms, though it is not recommended for such applications. Due to Tissue’s array of finishes and surface designs, it is highly recommended to perform a dry layout prior to installation.