CHICAGO delivers the authentic look and feel of Chicago brick in a color body porcelain. Available in four colors that remain true to the tradition of America’s third largest city. As urban renewal has taken place, reclaimed Chicago brick has become an extremely precious and highly sought-after architectural feature. Throughout the United States, designers seek to use. Chicago brick for floors, shopping centers, airports, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, feature walls, and patio decks, but the quality and availability of the genuine brick has made these projects problematic or prohibitively expensive. Chicago is produced with the look, feel and authenticity of true Chicago brick. Never before has a vintage look been so perfectly captured in a porcelain tile series. The standard 4×8 field has 56 faces, 10 punches, and the 4×8 only, has “Chicago” on 4-7% of the tiles. 8×8 and Hexagon have 5 punches and 30 faces, 8×16 has 2 punches and 27 faces, and 16×16 has 4 punches and 30 faces. The City Mix features 26 unique tiles, randomly selected, that showcase many of America’s most distinctive cities.