Approach is a glazed color body porcelain tile. The design inspiration comes from blending classic Italian clay cotto with modern cement based pavers. The four colors offered also lend both modern and classic palette tones to the line. The format offerings allow multiple design opportunities giving uniqueness to any space. The 13×13 has 4 molds and 25 design faces, 20×20 with 2 molds and 16 design faces, 6.5×20 with 6 molds and 48 design faces, Hexagon with 3 molds and 14 design faces, and The Hexagon Deco with 3 molds and 10 design faces. The Intreccio colors come with accent dots to complement the design: White w/grey dots, Grey w/white dots, Brown w/red dots, Taupe w/brown dots, and Red w/brown dots.